Past Fall Festival
Artists of the Year

Every year we select an artist of the year. Click on the name of the artist below to learn more about them and click on the link to see their gallery’

2019 – Donna Orwin | Framing

Donna is an international award-winning framer, who has truly elevated the framing of a piece to the status of Art. Donna is a cornerstone of the Arts in the West Columbia Gorge as the director of the First Friday Art Walk and an enthusiastic supporter of the Arts in our region.

2018 – Robert MacGinnis | Painting

A full-time professional artist with 40 years of business experience. His paintings are found in private and public collections in Oregon, across the United States, and beyond.

Although he is well known for his realistic art style, he also paints beautiful contemporary abstracts. He is available for commissions, in any size, for your businesses and private homes.

I work well with CEOs, homeowners, and designers with a 100% success record!

I specialize in Northwest landscapes and water scenes. I also paint Americana, florals, Native American, and European scenes.


2017 – Jim Kunz | Painting

Basically, I,m a self-taught watercolor artist, taking a few non-formal classes. However, I have been taking print-making classes at Mt. Hood Community College for the past few years. Most of my pieces have been created in the last 12 years.

I attempt to create emotional pieces, allowing the viewer to create their own stories. Many pieces are from my travels throughout the northwest and abroad.


2016 – Gary Fenke | Luminous Painting

Gary Fenske is known around the world as the pioneer of luminism. Over 30 years ago he single-handedly set out on a crusade to immortalize invisible art. Through his great efforts, luminous art found its rightful place in the annals of art history.

Discover how he did it and the secret world that he exposes for the first time. Follow his quest as he unveils the lost history of luminous art.


2015 – Heather Wells | Photography

My primary subject is Oregon Rivers. My attraction to these bodies of water is both visual and emotional. I am drawn to the relationship between light and water and the infinite number of colors it can reflect from its surroundings. I also see this interplay (between light, water, and color) as a way to express my feelings and experiences of being in the world. My subjects are familiar, depicting places in the Columbia Gorge, Mt.Hood Wilderness, Metolius River, and the Wilson River. Some of my photographs present these bodies of water in recognizable tranquil looking landscapes. Others depict them as abstract expressions of movement and color. This contrast between tranquil scenes and dynamic expressions draws attention to the nature of rivers; riverbeds and riverbanks appear untouched but are always changing. Variations in patterns and colors on the surfaces of the water can be seen as reflections of my changing emotions and perceptions. The rivers are always changing, life is always changing and so am I.