Artists’ Booth
Application FAQs

If you are an artist and you are ready to apply for a booth you can jump straight to the artist application page where we have full details for Rules and Regulations, Booth Information, Jury Details, and, of course, the application.

Below are answers to the frequently asked questions.

What is the cost?

Jury fee – $35.00 and must be submitted by March 12th with the application.
Jury Feedback [optional] – $20.00. The cost for jury feedback is $20.00, in addition to the jury fee, to cover the additional work of jurors and staff. After the jury has scored your application, we stop the jurying and ask for comments to share with the artist. Jury feedback requests must be made at the time of application.


What are the Dates and Location?

Fall Festival of the Arts 2021 combines 2 days of art events, Saturday, September 18th through Sunday, September 19th, 2021.

Glenn Otto Park
1106 E Historic Columbia River Hwy
Troutdale, Oregon


How are the artists selected?

Each year an average of 75 artists apply. 60 are selected for the event. Returning artists are selected by the show director or the board. The rest of the artists are selected by a jury of 6 individuals and each artist’s application is given a score between 1-6. Artist must supply 6 images, including a photo of your booth set up.

Image Upload

  • Five (5) art images, plus one booth shot. 6 Total.
  • Images should be sized to 1400 pixels wide for optimum jury presentation. 
  • Art images must be fully representative of the work you will be showing / selling.


What are the booth accommodations?

Outdoor 10′ x 10′ for $100.00 and 10′ X 20′ for $200.00 (limited to 4 spaces)
Outdoor booths will be outside under the trees in Glen Otto Park.

Limited Inside Booth Space may be available. If you are interested in Inside Space, please contact and we will work to accommodate as many requests as possible. Fees will be different for Indoor Space.

The Artist Liaison will assign spaces and will try to honor requests made by the artist.

Booth Setup Days and Times
Friday, September 17th- 11am to 5pm

  • There will be security over night.

Saturday, September 18th- 7am to 9:30am

  • Must be set and ready to open by 9:30am

*Artist manages and retains all sales at their own booth.

*Teardown may not start until public closing, and must be complete by 10pm, including cleanup.

-Show will provide onsite security over night Friday and Saturday.

Additional information will be included in the Artist Packet.


Are there official rules and regulations for applicants?


  1. Booths are both outdoors and indoors, with checkout at the artist’s booth. 
  2. Artist retains 100% of their sales – no commission.
  3. All items must be for sale and tagged with price and artist code.
  4. The artist must be present in their space from the time the Festival opens through the end of each day.  If you wish to take a break, make sure that your booth is attended. Some volunteers will be available for short breaks.
  5. All items submitted to the jury and offered for sale in the booth must be the artist’s original product or the direct result of the artist’s original product.  No resale or third party product will be accepted or allowed.  No brokers or agents. Outside suppliers may be used to fulfill the reproduction of your original work.
  6. If you are offering photographic prints or print reproductions of your work, all reproductions must be of archival quality, signed, and professionally packaged.
  7. Additional information will be included in the artist packet distributed to artists accepted by the show.
  8. REFUND POLICY:  Jury fees and Jury feedback fees are not refundable. In the case that we need to postpone, cancel, or go virtual for the Fall Festival of the Arts 2021, we will consider the following. If you have been accepted by the Jury, you will not need to rejury for the following festival in 2022. We will consider applying your booth fee to the 2022 festival. Exceptions to refunding booth fees will be considered by the Fall Festival of the Arts 2021 Committee on a case-by-case basis.