2019 Artist of the Year

Donna Erwin

Framing | Troutdale, Oregon | columbiarivergallery.com

Framing; Donna Erwin

Donna Erwin

Troutdale, Oregon


Donna is an international award-winning framer, who has truly elevated the framing of a piece to the status of Art. Donna is a cornerstone of the Arts in the West Columbia Gorge as the director of the First Friday Art Walk and an enthusiastic supporter of the Arts in our region.

​I am a picture framing artist. Beyond standard matting and framing, I pay close attention to textures and patterns and draw inferences from the art itself…it’s style, it’s vibe. I often add subtle elements like hand-carved designs into the mat, fabric wrapped embossed designs, fillets (tiny accent moldings) added elements that enhance without taking away from the art. I often stack frames. I love drama, but delight in subtle details. The art should always remain the star of the show, but my talent lies in giving it the spotlight, whether that means simply choosing just the right colors and textures or involves something much more intricate and complicated and interesting.