2021 FFA Artist Robin Guderian

Medium: 3D Mixed Media

Gearhead by Robin Guderian

About Robin Guderian

Robin Guderian – Lives in Portland Oregon with her Teenage children, as well as, – the Dog and the Cat. Never any formal instruction – in how to create – I guess that is what, the school of hard knocks – trial and error, hit and miss? Knowing that she could create anything she wanted – she could see it in her mind… Robin began creating her Girls when her son was in the 2nd grade and hasn’t stopped since. Each one is created from scratch – and is all rather unique – no two are alike and no duplicates are ever made. Robin believes that they are all an extension of her personality – crazy, quirky, off the wall – the more homely, the more imperfections the more desirable they are to most. Some months – there will be several in-process – and some never make it outside of her head — they are still swimming up there, somewhere. You haven’t experience jubilation, till you have experienced the joy that is found in creating a small piece of art. Hence her Saturdays and Sundays she can be found haunting the antique stores, searching the ground, the trash for just the right item to make them whole. They are a family, it’s true – Each Girl is created with love and care – and stands about 8 to 10 inches, however, they do prefer to sit, and look pretty, and unique Most of them never cause trouble, mischief, mayhem. But should you be missing something, check where they might be sitting, they are attracted to shiny things, pretty things, and things of sentimental value.
SRC: https://rawartists.com/gaeling

Instagram: stuff_duck_company