2021 FFA Artist Eldon Conder

Medium: 2D Mixed Media

Cannon Beach Oregon by Eldon Condor

Eldon Conder Bio

Who am I? I am a retired college instructor. I spent over twenty years teaching electronics at a technical college, and during that time I enjoyed teaching but to relieve the stress of teaching I also enjoyed my hobbies of woodworking, lapidary, and art. Together my daughters and I have built a business out of this, whereby we have created the process for inlaying cut stones into exquisite mosaic works of art. We have spent over ten years perfecting this process. Notice the quality of workmanship, the rich colors created by the stones, and how the colors and texture of the stones work together to enhance these pieces of art. Our mosaic tables also have the same quality and workmanship.

Website: rock-pictures.com